About LABEL 27

A private fashion brand with stylish, high-quality clothing that every power woman should have in her closet. This is a dream that I have cherished for a long time. This wish became reality in March 2020; I founded my own clothing brand Label 27. Ever since, I have been working with enthusiasm and energy on designing and offering stylish outfits for every woman. I would like to tell you more about the clothing and the story behind Label 27.

Clothing from Label 27
Business, feminine and tough; those are the words that best describe Label 27’s clothing. The collection consists of beautiful basic items that you can perfectly combine with each other. You can also give your own twist to each item of clothing. Style the items your way for a professional, stylish look.

Origin of Label 27
In a world of trendy clothing brands in abundance, it seems like there is something for everyone. Only I had the feeling that something was missing. High quality business clothing, affordable and timeless; absolutely not fast fashion. For that reason I founded Label 27. I have now developed a stylish collection that makes every woman look fashionable. I design every item of clothing myself, have it made by professional clothing makers and perfect it until it is completely finished.

The person behind Label 27: Ruth van den Berg
My own fashion brand. A step that I have long dreamed of, but really dared to take in March 2020. I’ve always had a passion for clothing and lacked creativity in my work. Label 27 has given me the opportunity to combine both passions. My curious personality stimulates my search for new shapes, beautiful fabrics and the translation into unique garments. I get a lot of energy from that.

The journey from source of inspiration to garment
Before an item from Label 27 hangs in your closet, it has had a long journey. My own inspiration is the starting point of every piece of clothing. From colors and patterns from nature to walking fashion lovers in the city; I get my inspiration from everywhere. Then I will sketch. During this creative process, the fabrics and materials emerge by themselves. I bring the design to life in a factory. And when I receive the first sample, I continue to develop until I am completely satisfied. With the aim: clothing that radiates femininity and strength.

Ruth van den Berg,

The journey from source of inspiration to garment takes an average of six months. Every product that you see in the collection has its own story.